Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Literatti

OK I did the gig at Poetry Live a few weeks ago. I did a poem that I dedicated to the Literatti called 'Define Poetry' - I will put it onto this blog soon.

But allow me to retort - Back in early 2009 (when I was anxiously searching for a poetry hub to perform at) I was watching the poets from Def poetry Jam. While searching for poetry nights I stumbled across a Def Jam poet, Nikki Patin, who was visiting NZ.

As I reasearched the gig, I found that she will be performing with the literatti - named as NZ's leading poetry troupe inspired by def Jam Poets - HALLELUJAH!!!! So I went along and while watching the troupe, something came across me that built up my confidence. I ran out of my comfort zone and met some of the members and Nikki. The Creative director (the lovely Miriam barr) invited my to Poetry Live the next Tuesday where I performed my first live public piece. Since then, I have referenced the Literatti as a major influence to my performance lifestyle.

After my last gig at Poetry Live, Miriam was impressed to induct me into the troupe - how excited am I. I mean, this group is on another level so the intimidation is still sitting in. The group has poets I have performed alongside, competed against and learnt from.

I had my first workshop with them today and was in awe. Inspirational works on all levels...amazing and truly inspiring. how excited I am to be with them and blessed that they think my work and style is worthy.

Watch this space as I continue to share my experiences with them.

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