Sunday, July 4, 2010

Leigh Sawmill Cafe with Bonnie Hurunui

Oh man!!! Today was invited to support a major supporting act: my good friend Bonnie Hurunui. After meeting up for constant coffees and text messaging, my girl here absolutely rocked the hick township and owned the mic.

Apart from the 'cougar' that was on my arm most of the night, it was a blast. My two mates enjoyed the scenery that the Sawmill Cafe had to offer as well.

My girl Bonnie - an absolute delight. Her vocals are one of those voices that makes you proud you have any affiliation with her. The critics state that her sound is a mix of famous and the infamous. I think she knows her style and is emphasising it with a little help of inspiration from these main stayers.

I promised to see her perform in the past, but schedule conflicts dismissed the opportunity. But being almost forced by performing gave me the nudge to do so in the near future. Do not sleep on the name, Bonnie Hurunui has got 'it'. An absolute honour.

I wrote her some words a while back from our first coffee here it is. Bring on Tuesday!!!

The Sea-gal

Fly Sea-gal
A talent of the East Coast seas
Fly Sea-gal
And let them see your wings
Spread each tip along your guitar strumming strings
Claw out the voice that only the Sea-gal can sing
Fly Sea-gal
Let the world see you sing
Fly Sea-gal
From the memories of the fatherless brood and 4 sibling crew
That bounded together with you
And even the prefect four years older than you
Fly Sea-gal
From your rural home to the tone of the big lights
To the right way to grow and playing with the goals in plain sight
Fly Sea-gal
Up North while others try to fly West
As the temperature rises with every melody sung beneath your heaving breast
Fly Sea-gal fly
One year off from the activities of other birds
To be heard independently
And maybe with the Moa that sings just as good
Fly Sea-gal
To the eventual death that immortalises you’re gone
End your life singing Sea-gal
For the world will always remember your song

Here is her page to check out:

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