Monday, October 19, 2009

Courage Day - 15th November 2009

I had been informed about this at the Montana Poetry Slam. You know you are getting into something when the names on the headlines are good fellow poets you know.
This will be a great night and although I had been concentrating solely on school, my family and church and work and boxing (man no wonder I have not written poetry for a while) it is good to take a break to write a little again. I love the spark of poetry!!!
Anyways, this performance day is in memory and has an MO to voice hatred and stoppage of imprisoned and executed writers all over the world. There are hundreds of horrific stories today of writers that are stopped and taken from all their human rights due to writing something controversial.
Courage Day is in memory of a couple from NZ that went through similar circumstances. I swear if someone did that to me from my writing, I would be just a little ticked off. Well to all my two followers (and other sneaky sneaky passerbys) come along and see how we dooz it. Hell, we got the right to do it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Morningside for Life

How I love my home suburb in Auckland - I had been thinking of something of an ode to right to it. But the Naked Samoans had done a great job so here are a few words from a personal POV:

Remember when everyone used to run on the train tracks and try to run and run and run and run faster than the speeding train hastily creeping up and then some/there is no Superman in Morningside

Or recall when everyone used to walk to St Lukes Mall during Xmas time midnight closures and pretend to beat each other over on the side of the road until cars would stop us when they pulled over/There is no Hulk Hogan in Morningside

Or the time when we would practice driving at either Briscoes or the Cash n Carry carparks and attempt to really drive but our parents would think we wanted to die and an early vehicle insurance claim put aside even though our names are not on the policy/Right......there are no Schmachers in Morningside

Or maybe..........

Now it is Morningside for life

where the Bro’s live - well TV3 the Bro’s always lived there but even the Bro’s did not know it

The pub was going to be some time

Jeff was also named Alex and Tom and Corey and all sorts of names

There was a Mack and in the bro’s eyes he was sort of a fag - he reads poetry now

we weren’t all Samoans and only a handful of us were naked

even during the evening times there was always sunlight in Morningside

Ahhh bring on the South African rugby riots

that is when we came together

mini skips all in flames, flour bombs and violent rage

Fighting and there was Mum with her hose stopping rugby watchers pissing in our hedge

but if it was next door it was all good/

White walls of factories from my bedroom window

If you could not see that you must be bordering Kingsland, St Lukes or dare I say it – Sandringham?

If you heard our house we were the boys sitting on skateboards

Tony Hawk could not fly like us

Stealing from Sima’s dairy on the corner of Morningside Drive and New North Road

Running through Mount Albert Primary

Even the orange voting character knew where to sell off politics

Helen Clark wanted to situate herself right across the road from Eden Park

More importantly at the end of my street muttering under her breath “oh the humanity”

To explain more “I might be some time”

Morningside – the arguably ten street wonder

Pre poverty best but wannabe middle class number

Charge $10 rugby parks – good luck moving your car out afterwards

1 stage to anything but on 1 stage to the world

Fuelled by us that made Oscar see it International

Morningside stand up – and bend over to take a bow

Not forever but only for life – that is not even owwww!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Confused Time

Oh how time just flies. I continue to realise a lot more now what the olds meant by that. I have not written a poem or any creative personal stuff since school started - I guess that is a good enough reason but still creativity feels like it is eating inside to get out.

I love how Mos Def put it -

I am the inescapable, the irresistable,
The unnegotiable, the unchallenged
I am time
I scroll in measurements, control the elements,
I hold the evidence, I tell the story
I am time
I know no prejudice, I bare no sentiments
For wealth or settlement, I move forward
I am time
You can’t recover me, conceal or smuggle me,
Retreat or run from me, crawl up or under me,
You can’t do much for me besides serve
Me well and have good dividends returned to you
Or attempt to kill me off and have me murder you
Many have wasted me but now they are facing me,
Treated me unfaithfully and now endure me painfully
Plaintively, I wait to see what history will shape to be,
Who’s hearts will never die inside the sake of me
Angel’s scribe the page for me,
Keep a full account of all the names for me........

This was regards to Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter but can be used to describe almost anything (well except of the use of the word unnegotiable - I don't think that is entirely correct). The fear of time is 'Chronometrophobia' - it just sounds frightening in itself and there is even a song about it!!

Time is personified and I see everyday the need to befriend it. Through time comes the pain, but through time comes the healing!! Through time comes the rush, but through time comes the patience. Thank time for being its own contradiction.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daniel Beatty

This man is truly AMAZING!!!!

Shane Cameron

When the right guard went down it was nothing more to say except i had faith in you Shane. Well, to last longer than the opening seconds of the 2nd.

Shot Tua - now just lose the accent!

Raewkon's New Album

This album has CLASSIC written all over it. Not only does it have the Wu of old returned to its glory, but it shows Rae's unbelievable love to make a sequel to his original classic. The lyrics are a great use of the urban dictionary and the production is a new standard of ingredient to making a classic album. I mean 3 tracks from the late James Lancey (or better known as J Dilla) that just brings a soulful atmosphere to the Mafiaoso theme, RZA is back, Pete Rock guests, The Alchemist, Marley Marl has a turn, Erick Sermon and even Dre lends his West coast flair to Rae and Ghost's pound for pound lyrisicm that is true to its original counterpart.

Hold off on the KFC party pack tonight and grab this piece of sure-to-be hip hop at its best (It will join the ranks of the first album as well as 36 Chambers and GhostFace's Fishscale).

Fav Tracks: New Wu, Ason Jones (ODB dedecation track), Black Mozart and Mean Streets.

Don't front man the Wu is back!!!

Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Speech

Michael Jordan finally was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He is one of the many reasons of loving being a Generation Y kid. We had the greats to learn from and live up to. Check out his speech. Inspirational.

First Blog

Ok here we go!!!!! Today I thought "Man, I hang out with some hard boys. Some cultured good looking boys. Some all out could do better for their life boys." But all in all, these boys know how to work a computer - yet I don't know any of us as a collective to have a blog. We have opinions yet no blogs. Are we just wanting to keep our opinions to ourselves?

Method Man rapped "As*holes are like opinions - everybody got to have one" and I guess that is a main reason for no blogs within our cirlce. But oh well let's break that cycle.........

Here it is world - a definition of this page.

'Fili-' refers to my filipino heritage

'-Rico' refers to Rico Suave that my old flatmate and sister from another mother Va would call me when I tried to look cool a few years back. Hence the 'cultural coolness' spoken of.

'The Blue Lion' refers to my high school of hard knocks: Mount Albert Grammar School which is always embedded in our hearts. It is a way to say where we all came from and how our creative thoughts were expounded upon - the school yards of MAGS.

And 'the rest........' IS HISTORY!!!!!!!!