Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Literatti

OK I did the gig at Poetry Live a few weeks ago. I did a poem that I dedicated to the Literatti called 'Define Poetry' - I will put it onto this blog soon.

But allow me to retort - Back in early 2009 (when I was anxiously searching for a poetry hub to perform at) I was watching the poets from Def poetry Jam. While searching for poetry nights I stumbled across a Def Jam poet, Nikki Patin, who was visiting NZ.

As I reasearched the gig, I found that she will be performing with the literatti - named as NZ's leading poetry troupe inspired by def Jam Poets - HALLELUJAH!!!! So I went along and while watching the troupe, something came across me that built up my confidence. I ran out of my comfort zone and met some of the members and Nikki. The Creative director (the lovely Miriam barr) invited my to Poetry Live the next Tuesday where I performed my first live public piece. Since then, I have referenced the Literatti as a major influence to my performance lifestyle.

After my last gig at Poetry Live, Miriam was impressed to induct me into the troupe - how excited am I. I mean, this group is on another level so the intimidation is still sitting in. The group has poets I have performed alongside, competed against and learnt from.

I had my first workshop with them today and was in awe. Inspirational works on all levels...amazing and truly inspiring. how excited I am to be with them and blessed that they think my work and style is worthy.

Watch this space as I continue to share my experiences with them.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Death of an Aunty

The clouds will soak you with their tears
The sun will burn with agony
The dark will shine bright for you
The stars will decorate your home

The wind will send forth its gentlest breeze
The ground will soften for you to lay
The mist will cover the tragic loss you are gone
The broken heart will beat of your memory

The birds will whistle their call for you
The bees will hum a courageous song
The wolves will howl as your spirit flies
The earth will cry for missing your soul

The angels prepare your cloud to rest
The spirits will share their words with you
The world records your life
And will be spoken by your daughter that remains

Your husband now holds you
Your daughter now mourns you
Your family will miss you
God will now receive you

Now rest without pain
Rest without suffering
Rest without trial
Rest with those you love

You are
An Aunty that is remembered
A Sister that is unconditional
A Mother that will be missed
A Wife that is now home

I love you Aunty Tugbang.

My beloved Aunty Tugbang in the Philippines died two days ago. She was an Aunty that was so good to me. But the real story is about my dear cousin Mary-Ann. She is an only child (like myself) who is a criminal lawyer and to the point of having so much success that she attempted to run for mayor of our little village.

My cousin's father died approx 4 months ago and since then my Aunty's healthhas spiraled downwards and out of control. My young cousin in her early 30's has had to give up work to look over her parents as they both deteriorated in front of her eyes.

My mother has been a support to Mary-Ann, constantly consoling her and bringing her spirit into safer higher ground. My cousin is a rock and my Aunty was great. So in memory of her, here is a poem I had written last night. My cousin will read this at her funeral which with sad coincidence is my Mother's birthday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My First Book

Ok so today I had a cold. I met a gang of poets also over the past year who have commended me for my work. Me being a non tall poppy, took a while to follow their advice which was: PUBLISH A BOOK!!!

Now my whole first impression was all 'how the heck do I make a book?' Well, the powers of the universe put a good man named Charlie Dark in my path. He judged Poetry Idol this year and told me of a place to make great quality books online. So being stuck in bed and thinking 'well I just performed last night and the same thing was said to me' I followed suit.

I could not believe how easy it was. I bought the first one and should be in my hot little hands in about 2 weeks. Exciting I tell you!!!! It has a lot of my earlier pieces (the stuff that helped win slams) as well as some newer pieces to show my is the link so I hope you like it....and if you want buy a copy LOL


After thinking about how I could exercise I came across my old boxing pics. Too funny

All ready to pounce!

You missed baby!!!
Boom baby!!!!

Poetry Live - 6th July

Hey blogger,

So last night I was guest 'poeting' at the local poetry hub on K'rd. I was so happy to be there not because I was performing but because of the massive amount of support that was shown. Crazy!!!

I was blessed to have two wonderful bunch of musicians to open for me. Firstly, Bonnie Hurunui (favour for a favour I guess) and Mandy & Joe (in the bongo drums - the man) were absolutely amazing. Just doing their originals with all my boys asking 'why are they not signed?' I don't know either...better hurry. I love them to death - too real too true, just too much. Grateful as for them. Dont sleep on them cos they are rocking up always...check them out

Then secondly, the lovely Leigh Fitzjames with crazy Eli Moore on the piano (and soloing on the gat). Crooners that is all I have to say. Damn great together and the sound is so smooth you want to slide along. How happy I was to have them both - and they did a special 'almost in vain' redention of Erykah Badu. Too die for!! Thank you to them so so much.

The poets were absolute fire. They came on with game. So I got to go on intimidated as (oh and did I mention a head cold as well). I was worried because it was a lot of new stuff and I treated the spot as my own personal experimental open mic moment. Well it seemed to have worked ok. I did a special collab with Leigh on a piece called 'Lately'. That worked out too good I thought. I got to do a piece over her singing.

All in all was a great night. I still have to get used to being in the whole spotlight thing. I still am trying to have my work reach the level of the poets that inspire me...I must be doing something right as they keep coming to me with support. Met a guy named Otis last night who said he was recommended by David Eggleton to see me WTF? That tripped me out right there hahahaha

Well bloggers will keep you posted with the next the mean time keep writing.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Deceptikonz New Album - Evolution

NZ Hip Hop on a grand scale......

Now given I did not really enjoy the DKonz. I loved some of their lyrics.

To me I was an avid follower of the rapper Mareko. I loved his imagery and punchlines that battle rappers had to use. That was their security blanket and shining star. He was one of NZ's great in the stance but their music never did appeal to me. Does that matter to them? Most likely not.

With the success of Savage, great!!! A good hip hop beat can affect any U.S crowd I say. The lyrics of swing were poor and so was the Heavy Rotation album. The Elimination album was one of NZ's greatest raw hip hop album - but it was no Licensed to Ill or 36 Chambers. Problem is I bought all their albums. Mareko rapped with inspecktah desck - the rebel!!!! That needs recognition but recycling his Triumph verse was disappointing.

Devolo was never the standout and Alphrisk never received the props he deserved yet needed. So after all that what about their finale.....well the title track is Awesome - yes yes with the capital. What a matured move. No corny Savage hook (or screams), well thought out lyrics and the rock beat with Adeaze on the chorus is to die for. Plus the video is too great to ignore. Go Kayo on the comeback! their track with David Dallas is so street, you need council approval. 2012 has the concept of grand word play once again. If everything happens in threes, I hope this eliminates that theory. D-konz deserve a great album and this is most likely that one. About time! Go boys....

Poetry Live!!!!!

Ok now I have a lot more time let's get this blog up and running!!!!

This Tuesday night I will be performing at Poetry Live...that is 6th of July at the Thirsty Dog on K'rd.

Poetry Live is the first place I had performed my poetry over a year ago now. Tuesday night is their Poetry open mic night and man I wish I had utilised the opportunity to perform there more. But Tuesday will be great as I am the guest poet during the open mic set.

Also along for the ride are my good friends Bonnie Hurunui and Leigh Fitzjames who will be assisting with the opening music acts....

That is exciting for me. Bonnie has her band along for the ride and Leigh (with Eli Moore on the piano keys) will both be tearing up the stage for the first 30 minutes. You have got to witness it for yourself why i recommended these two greats to perform with have to surround yourself with I have the opportunity to surprise by performing with them in my set as well....will see how that goes.

Time to make some history ladies and gentlemen.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe with Bonnie Hurunui

Oh man!!! Today was invited to support a major supporting act: my good friend Bonnie Hurunui. After meeting up for constant coffees and text messaging, my girl here absolutely rocked the hick township and owned the mic.

Apart from the 'cougar' that was on my arm most of the night, it was a blast. My two mates enjoyed the scenery that the Sawmill Cafe had to offer as well.

My girl Bonnie - an absolute delight. Her vocals are one of those voices that makes you proud you have any affiliation with her. The critics state that her sound is a mix of famous and the infamous. I think she knows her style and is emphasising it with a little help of inspiration from these main stayers.

I promised to see her perform in the past, but schedule conflicts dismissed the opportunity. But being almost forced by performing gave me the nudge to do so in the near future. Do not sleep on the name, Bonnie Hurunui has got 'it'. An absolute honour.

I wrote her some words a while back from our first coffee here it is. Bring on Tuesday!!!

The Sea-gal

Fly Sea-gal
A talent of the East Coast seas
Fly Sea-gal
And let them see your wings
Spread each tip along your guitar strumming strings
Claw out the voice that only the Sea-gal can sing
Fly Sea-gal
Let the world see you sing
Fly Sea-gal
From the memories of the fatherless brood and 4 sibling crew
That bounded together with you
And even the prefect four years older than you
Fly Sea-gal
From your rural home to the tone of the big lights
To the right way to grow and playing with the goals in plain sight
Fly Sea-gal
Up North while others try to fly West
As the temperature rises with every melody sung beneath your heaving breast
Fly Sea-gal fly
One year off from the activities of other birds
To be heard independently
And maybe with the Moa that sings just as good
Fly Sea-gal
To the eventual death that immortalises you’re gone
End your life singing Sea-gal
For the world will always remember your song

Here is her page to check out: