Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poetry Live - 6th July

Hey blogger,

So last night I was guest 'poeting' at the local poetry hub on K'rd. I was so happy to be there not because I was performing but because of the massive amount of support that was shown. Crazy!!!

I was blessed to have two wonderful bunch of musicians to open for me. Firstly, Bonnie Hurunui (favour for a favour I guess) and Mandy & Joe (in the bongo drums - the man) were absolutely amazing. Just doing their originals with all my boys asking 'why are they not signed?' I don't know either...better hurry. I love them to death - too real too true, just too much. Grateful as for them. Dont sleep on them cos they are rocking up always...check them out

Then secondly, the lovely Leigh Fitzjames with crazy Eli Moore on the piano (and soloing on the gat). Crooners that is all I have to say. Damn great together and the sound is so smooth you want to slide along. How happy I was to have them both - and they did a special 'almost in vain' redention of Erykah Badu. Too die for!! Thank you to them so so much.

The poets were absolute fire. They came on with game. So I got to go on intimidated as (oh and did I mention a head cold as well). I was worried because it was a lot of new stuff and I treated the spot as my own personal experimental open mic moment. Well it seemed to have worked ok. I did a special collab with Leigh on a piece called 'Lately'. That worked out too good I thought. I got to do a piece over her singing.

All in all was a great night. I still have to get used to being in the whole spotlight thing. I still am trying to have my work reach the level of the poets that inspire me...I must be doing something right as they keep coming to me with support. Met a guy named Otis last night who said he was recommended by David Eggleton to see me WTF? That tripped me out right there hahahaha

Well bloggers will keep you posted with the next the mean time keep writing.

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