Sunday, July 4, 2010

Deceptikonz New Album - Evolution

NZ Hip Hop on a grand scale......

Now given I did not really enjoy the DKonz. I loved some of their lyrics.

To me I was an avid follower of the rapper Mareko. I loved his imagery and punchlines that battle rappers had to use. That was their security blanket and shining star. He was one of NZ's great in the stance but their music never did appeal to me. Does that matter to them? Most likely not.

With the success of Savage, great!!! A good hip hop beat can affect any U.S crowd I say. The lyrics of swing were poor and so was the Heavy Rotation album. The Elimination album was one of NZ's greatest raw hip hop album - but it was no Licensed to Ill or 36 Chambers. Problem is I bought all their albums. Mareko rapped with inspecktah desck - the rebel!!!! That needs recognition but recycling his Triumph verse was disappointing.

Devolo was never the standout and Alphrisk never received the props he deserved yet needed. So after all that what about their finale.....well the title track is Awesome - yes yes with the capital. What a matured move. No corny Savage hook (or screams), well thought out lyrics and the rock beat with Adeaze on the chorus is to die for. Plus the video is too great to ignore. Go Kayo on the comeback! their track with David Dallas is so street, you need council approval. 2012 has the concept of grand word play once again. If everything happens in threes, I hope this eliminates that theory. D-konz deserve a great album and this is most likely that one. About time! Go boys....

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