Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poetry Live!!!!!

Ok now I have a lot more time let's get this blog up and running!!!!

This Tuesday night I will be performing at Poetry Live...that is 6th of July at the Thirsty Dog on K'rd.

Poetry Live is the first place I had performed my poetry over a year ago now. Tuesday night is their Poetry open mic night and man I wish I had utilised the opportunity to perform there more. But Tuesday will be great as I am the guest poet during the open mic set.

Also along for the ride are my good friends Bonnie Hurunui and Leigh Fitzjames who will be assisting with the opening music acts....

That is exciting for me. Bonnie has her band along for the ride and Leigh (with Eli Moore on the piano keys) will both be tearing up the stage for the first 30 minutes. You have got to witness it for yourself why i recommended these two greats to perform with have to surround yourself with I have the opportunity to surprise by performing with them in my set as well....will see how that goes.

Time to make some history ladies and gentlemen.

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