Thursday, July 15, 2010

Death of an Aunty

The clouds will soak you with their tears
The sun will burn with agony
The dark will shine bright for you
The stars will decorate your home

The wind will send forth its gentlest breeze
The ground will soften for you to lay
The mist will cover the tragic loss you are gone
The broken heart will beat of your memory

The birds will whistle their call for you
The bees will hum a courageous song
The wolves will howl as your spirit flies
The earth will cry for missing your soul

The angels prepare your cloud to rest
The spirits will share their words with you
The world records your life
And will be spoken by your daughter that remains

Your husband now holds you
Your daughter now mourns you
Your family will miss you
God will now receive you

Now rest without pain
Rest without suffering
Rest without trial
Rest with those you love

You are
An Aunty that is remembered
A Sister that is unconditional
A Mother that will be missed
A Wife that is now home

I love you Aunty Tugbang.

My beloved Aunty Tugbang in the Philippines died two days ago. She was an Aunty that was so good to me. But the real story is about my dear cousin Mary-Ann. She is an only child (like myself) who is a criminal lawyer and to the point of having so much success that she attempted to run for mayor of our little village.

My cousin's father died approx 4 months ago and since then my Aunty's healthhas spiraled downwards and out of control. My young cousin in her early 30's has had to give up work to look over her parents as they both deteriorated in front of her eyes.

My mother has been a support to Mary-Ann, constantly consoling her and bringing her spirit into safer higher ground. My cousin is a rock and my Aunty was great. So in memory of her, here is a poem I had written last night. My cousin will read this at her funeral which with sad coincidence is my Mother's birthday.

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