Sunday, August 1, 2010


Alright - how honoured was I on Friday night.....I had the mean opportunity to share the stage with the South Auckland Poets Collective. The collective (created by Ramon, Grace and Big D) what I understand to be was formed by some inspiring poets who also helped with youth struggling or trying to find an avenue to make an improvement in life. They did this through spoken word!!!

 I've had some great times performing with Grace and Darren in particularly (who are great poets solely) and have seen the collective perform twice. Their name had grown within youth circles and I was so honoured to be asked to be a guest poet at their book/DVD launch on Friday.

 So on Friday night I wrote a poem to celebrate their night. It was a satire towards Central Auckland to wake up from the image of South Auckland (which is mostly negative). the collective is an example of positivity from  a negatively portrayed environment.

 Our church youth came to support me as well as witness something special and what I felt could be influential for them as well. Well they had to leave early due to time restrictions but the response was great from them.

 I thoroughly was happy to perform with the whole collective as well as other special guests. The collective is goodness. They speak goodness and are great examples of positive spoken word - they truly show how the written and spoken word influences positive light and difference. To the whole collective, you have a fan and a brother in word here!!!! keep it up - to those reading this and want to see more of them (and buy a book or 4) look at them here -

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  1. My brother in word - you are a blessing bro and am honoured that our paths crossed - SAPC honorary member cuz, we here in support of you and your amazing work....blessups..Grace, DK & SAPC