Monday, August 16, 2010

Define Poetry

Define Poetry

Define Poetry/is it only rhyme/is it thoughts of the mind/does it make you laugh/to make you nod your head/to make you think/or to decide/to make you feel you are an intellect or a songwriter/a storyteller /a rapper you don’t mind/

Define poetry/does it make you click your fingers/or gasp in exasperation/to make you want to read more/to write a simile or metaphor/a form of creativity/or a bed for opinionated aspirations/to show off skill or knowledge/to create confidence to know you got “it”/or to show off your love for prose and books or what you hate in life before you forgot it/

Define poetry/do these words make you cry/make a tear drop settle nestled in the corner of your right eye/or have subliminal messages/to cover its apparent meaning/about the government or anything else the world is considering PC’ing/

Define poetry/I read a report about that same question/it made mention that anything could be considered/my definition may not matter or even agree to your recognition/but neither does my ambition or quote in a slam being ‘the other competition’/

Define poetry/well I can’t/I don’t think you can either/cos whose to say that what I write cannot be the definition/who’s to say what you write cannot be the truth/this is my witness and do you really need further proof/who’s to say what I write is not worthy to be published/these are my views I want to share with you/and I am only getting started/

Define poetry/mine is sometimes hidden behind bars/16 is some instances/ to pull off well thought out sentences/to change my accent to show off its pattern/to paint that picture in your head to see how my stories have happened/

Define poetry/lets look later into what you think/is that harsh/well I needed a place to show off an alliteration/but is my rhthym enough to voice out an opinion/I hope you listen cos this is basics growing out of well heard idioms/

Define Poetry/is it the undertones in words/the uplifted question mark at the end of a line/a stanza with deep meaning and symbolical images/or the nursery rhyme or one liners to show how a person grimaces/is it big words/verbs adjectives and word play/dramatic pauses/rapping/now whose to say/

Define poetry/I cannot but if you can please do/a jump off from the real into a sea of the big blue/mind block/mine shock the average but define the norm/mine can be Polynesian/street to bring cheers like Norm/

Define poetry/I heard yours my friends/and that is poetry to me/so I hope that your definition finds no end/

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