Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Phoenix

Hey all my many readers (all two of you!!). I am so slack - I guess my poem a day up to Christmas did not work successfully. But here to a new year, new thoughts and new experiences.

I had an experience in where i flipped out at work. Stress overload and I let everyone know how I was feeling. I learnt afterwards that may have not been the best thing to do. I had a meeting with one of the bosses and she was so good and understanding to me. I felt stink from the meeting even though i triumphed. So I wrote her a poem after seeing the stresses she already had - and I may have added to it with my little fit.

The Phoenix

A lady once crossed paths with me/she had a fire in her eyes
The sort of flame that could burn a person
A spark to ignite joy in one’s heart and bring people warmly together
A heat that could react to re kindle or gently simmer an explosive conversation
She spat flames when she spoke and intensely listened
But she did not see who she was

A lady once crossed paths with me/she had a sensation in her soul
She walked when she should have flew
To rise above all the errors of life’s ways and the constant fires she believed kept growing
Life was crumbling and the temperature kept rising
Fuel was adding to her fire
And it rose out of control
But she did not know where she was

A lady once crossed paths with me/she had a burden on her shoulders
That kept her wings down and flapped awkwardly
She was tied down from grief
Her hatchlings were still learning to fly and shortened her wick quickly
The chemistry of past relationships caused her to hide behind her wings
She did not use what she already had

A lady once crossed paths with me/she cried burnt out sorrows and extinguished strengths to stresses
And I wanted to tell her....
Burdens are myths and you are a legend
You do not fly, you soar and many of us on earth look up to you
Let your light so shine as you beam ferociously across an afflicted sky
Carry your trials in twigs and build a nest to rest them on
Ignite these into a blaze and renew yourself to the Phoenix that you should best be known
A rebirth of old to a purified new
The chilling winds of past colds to a brighter day using the light within you

A lady once crossed paths with me/she told me she was a Phoenix
One that rose from the ashes
And I believed
She knew exactly what she was

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