Saturday, December 19, 2009


Just a few thoughts thrown onto paper:

Did I ever tell you people that I’m rich/Wealthy as anyone could dream/living in a state of luxury and ludicrous nirvana/

I am rich from happiness/don’t go to sleep on me now no, this is no cheesy proclamation/let me explain/
I had prepared for happiness/it is not easy at first to become rich with happiness/I mean I had to go to school to receive the wages I am on now/

I remember my favourite subject – Science/well we only learnt one topic in the class/Chemistry/oooh that proved to be the catalyst when I met happiness/we sure did meet with a spark/and experiment as much as we could/Mathematics I was not that good at/I could not subtract when to stop being someone else and to add up my personality to multiply me/but happiness divided that quickly and equalled whatever personality happiness fell in love with/and foreign languages/I was a bit slower than happiness was in that language of love/but happiness taught me with a flurry and now I speak love in all its dialects/

I graduated from school but that is only half of my success story/don’t get me wrong I was not a straight A student/I think I graduated with Honours at least/and now in my post grad it is happiness I am learning how to master/

Stepping into the work force was hard/did you know you have to work for happiness/man I thought you just learn about it and then you receive it in the end/but you have to actually look for happiness/and where do you start/I could not find the happiness classifieds/trade me does not even have a listing for happiness so I was screwed from the get go/

And who would of known that happiness had opposition/who could hate on happiness/are we not all looking for happiness/ Some people even had the nerve to tell me I didn’t even know what happiness looked like/that I was naive and blind to the fact/but yes even I went down the track of thinking happiness was for all and she would fall into our laps/

I searched the netherworlds/distant lands and unexplored territories for happiness/and believe me I was not left dry/Happiness tried to come to me with different names/I had a long relationship with money/man she was hot/she made me look so damn good until she gave more of herself to others and only a little to me/I soon realised that she was in every man’s pockets/but I still make contact with money maybe once a week or fortnightly/but she was not my happiness/

I went to her friend food/she was nice and good to me/I still see her often/but she was too much of a temptation/I used to explore food so much I thought she was true happiness/but then she started messing with my health/started making me lazy and not want to do anything/so I had to cut her slowly out of my life/I still can’t live without food and she still gives me some on the side/but she was not my true happiness/

And then I met her/she was like me/but she was beautiful/when I saw her my inner spirit jumped for joy/gladness filled my soul and I knew I found happiness/my wife pays me happiness in minute wages/sometimes she forgets and has to recalculate my pay/sometimes it is hourly wages of happiness and at times she also takes leave/she tells me she is sick of me at times/so I tell her if she can provide me with a medical certificate cos I still need my happiness/but those are times I think I must be ripping her off/I try to give happiness back to her for all the happiness she brings to me every day/but every month she gets a bit unhappy/and I would too cos her happiness salary changes from month to month and if I get a little worried from missing a little happiness pay each day/I can understand why she is pissed off once a month with her pay dates changing/

But she provides more happiness than money, food or any of these mimicking forms of happiness try to bring me/if these cousins of happiness are your bosses/you are getting ripped off because happiness comes it much more better ways than those/you just got to keep searching for it/just like me everyday/

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