Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Regardless (A Father's Poem)

My many fans (well one of them) has been on my case for not writing so I thought I would just put some poems on everyday until Xmas. I thought I would just put some that I have done this year and prepare for a new year of development!!!!!

This one I did for my boss as his father passed away and was a bit down (as you would). One of our managers decided to frame this and jack my poem as his secret Santa present to my boss.....well anything to treat a good boss well.


Crafted to be a guardian to the angels that birthed us
A hero without the cape
But with all the powers of a superman
The hard yards of life’s bearings led by you at the forefront
A stern hand to lay down a law that only a father can fulfil
And silent words that bring about the loud actions of discipline
This is a young fatherly love regardless

Life is short but the memories created live forever
From the ball you first passed to the comfort of knowing you are home
The protector of our family
The caretaker of our spirits
The cradle in your arms when we fail and need help
Or the pleasure of your eyes when we succeed
This is mid- fatherly love regardless

The extra push to conquer any obstacle
The catch when obstacles make me fall
The advice to succeed, the words to comfort, the lessons to teach
The one that protects
The one that serves
The one that taught me what fatherly love is
The one that loves me and I love him whether in this world or the next
This is fatherly love forever

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