Saturday, April 17, 2010

Funky Oriental Beats

Ok ok - I have been told off by a bunch of people to "Hurry up and write on your blog!!!" and I see a new follower since everyone just likes running through here and having a look. Congrats to you - I expect to hear the same rant in a month or so - but I will try to keep it up. Need to start writing more now.

Well given that here is something cool to blog about. Funky Oriental Beats. I remember Renee telling me about FOB about 9 months ago and I thought 'oh hell no she is going to get me in that - she is just being nice!!" How wrong was I.

So let me just say to Renee (and to David Tsai - the dragon DVRDCT) that was truly an honour - and this is why. Not only was it a cool experience to perform (which I have not done courage Day in November I think) but the best part was the great people that I met and performed with. Oh that was the joy of the past week. What English assignment the devil on my right shoulder kept telling me!!!!!

I rocked up thinking "Man I am too fresh for this jazz" but the freshness of everyone else was grand. It is always cool to meet up and perform with Renee and Jamie Banks. Renee had me with her Granddad's poem and Jamie always cracks me up - "I could do with a back stretch myself..."

The music was grand. Here I am sitting with the boys and the first act was JJ Fong. She and I attended the FOB performance workshop last Saturday and she had to jet but I think we hit it off ok. This girl has a single and video clip - WTF?? So with the boys nudging me the whole time while JJ dances with her (do I say) burlesque dancers, I got down to her jams - especially her single 'Drive Me Crazy'. The beat for that is crazy. Look out for this one boys - she is hot like fire!!!

Then we had the classical piano people. Mr. 'neo-soul' Eli Moore - brother is bad!! I liked this guy straight away when we started talking about Erykah Badu and Maxwell - I promise to talk more about it bro when I see you next. Plus the guy can do a mean piano piece as well. Jess Tsai was amazing. Not only with her own contemporary pieces but playing that Chinese cello/violin thing - I know I am going to get in trouble for saying that.....but that was great. Then my man Hong, and his rendition of Barbie Girl and his skill playing "Let's Go Bobby!" was the catchphrase going home in our car.....the boy really can melt and destroy piano keys. We got to get the PussyCat Dolls rap down.

Leigh Fitzjames - just amazing with her Nina Simone recital. I actually was blown away in the rehearsal more - most likely cos my nerves took it away during the show. But girl has presence and can tear up any she is the bomb theatre organising producing jack-of-all-trades. Keep an eye out and let's do something!!!!!

Now the rapper boys. David Tsai - Mr. Dragon Cry!!! I was all "Man is Prince going to turn in his grave" - joking brother but that was a brave set of raps man. Another Steiny for you - and I felt bad when he got me one and I said I didn't drink!! Need to hook up and those beats were absolute fire. Julian Sammy aka Threat1 - boy rocked the mic. the bonus impromptu freestyle mash up at the end was absolute classic on Thursday night. Friday night? Maybe not so LOL.

And Erik and David. This guys were out of this world. One on the sax and the other on paint barrels ala Talib Kweli and Tamia. Friday night with these guys jamming with Hong and how I thought someone was yelling out they had to brush their teeth....personal joke I guess with Erik and David. That was a highlight and I was too worried I had to follow their act - so instead I had to follow I was screwed either way!!!!

To all that came - I think they had a good night. I had absolute mad fun and made some great friends doing it. Here to another year before FOB blows up again next year!!!!

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  1. that was such an epic event and you just blew us away. your words are so true and just come so naturally. keep it up jai!