Monday, October 19, 2009

Courage Day - 15th November 2009

I had been informed about this at the Montana Poetry Slam. You know you are getting into something when the names on the headlines are good fellow poets you know.
This will be a great night and although I had been concentrating solely on school, my family and church and work and boxing (man no wonder I have not written poetry for a while) it is good to take a break to write a little again. I love the spark of poetry!!!
Anyways, this performance day is in memory and has an MO to voice hatred and stoppage of imprisoned and executed writers all over the world. There are hundreds of horrific stories today of writers that are stopped and taken from all their human rights due to writing something controversial.
Courage Day is in memory of a couple from NZ that went through similar circumstances. I swear if someone did that to me from my writing, I would be just a little ticked off. Well to all my two followers (and other sneaky sneaky passerbys) come along and see how we dooz it. Hell, we got the right to do it.

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