Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Blog

Ok here we go!!!!! Today I thought "Man, I hang out with some hard boys. Some cultured good looking boys. Some all out could do better for their life boys." But all in all, these boys know how to work a computer - yet I don't know any of us as a collective to have a blog. We have opinions yet no blogs. Are we just wanting to keep our opinions to ourselves?

Method Man rapped "As*holes are like opinions - everybody got to have one" and I guess that is a main reason for no blogs within our cirlce. But oh well let's break that cycle.........

Here it is world - a definition of this page.

'Fili-' refers to my filipino heritage

'-Rico' refers to Rico Suave that my old flatmate and sister from another mother Va would call me when I tried to look cool a few years back. Hence the 'cultural coolness' spoken of.

'The Blue Lion' refers to my high school of hard knocks: Mount Albert Grammar School which is always embedded in our hearts. It is a way to say where we all came from and how our creative thoughts were expounded upon - the school yards of MAGS.

And 'the rest........' IS HISTORY!!!!!!!!